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The links below point to summarized descriptions of viral genera. These summaries were generated automatically from the species descriptions via the program INTKEY. Comments in the data were removed during the conversion to INTKEY format; hence all comments are missing from the summaries. Also omitted from these summaries are data that are clearly specific to individual species, such as their geographic distribution and host range.

The summaries give a list of the definitive and tentative species in the genus. For numerical characters, ranges and means are presented in the form "min-mean-max". For multistate characters, the frequency of occurrence of each state is placed within parentheses following the state description. For example, a portion of an entry might read: "Virus retained when the vector moults (9/14), or lost by the vector when it moults (5/14)." This indicates that the virus was reported as being retained by a moulting vector for 9 species within the genus, and as being lost for 5 species. The presence of the number 14 in the "denominator" indicates that data for this character was recorded for only 14 of the species within the genus.

Electron micrographs, where present, are usually of the type species of the genus, and are provided courtesy of the Rothamsted Experimental Station, U.K., where they are available at URL Copyright information is available at that site.

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Dallwitz (1980) and Dallwitz, Paine and Zurcher (1993) should also be cited.

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