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Assignment of plant genera to families follows Watson and Dallwitz, 1991; and Watson and Dallwitz, 1992 onwards. In particular, note the use of `traditional' names, such as Graminae rather than Poaceae, and Cruciferae rather than Brassicaceae. Devotees of Cronquistian classification should note that rather `narrow' definitions of families (i.e., a tendency for splitting rather than lumping) are used herein, particularly within the Liliaceae sensu lato. Also note that within the Leguminosae, the three large sub-families (Caesalpinioideae, Mimosoideae and Papilionoideae) are treated as if they are separate families.

We have provided lists of synonyms and common names for many of the host species; these appear in the indexes of the individual host families. These synonyms and common names were obtained from the GRIN database on 20 June 1996. (GRIN is the Germplasm Resources Information Network, managed by the Database Management Unit of the National Germplasm Resources Laboratory, Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture.) In those cases where a host name used in VIDE is regarded by GRIN as a synonym of an `accepted' name, the name which is regarded by GRIN as the accepted name is presented in bold at the start of the list of synonyms.

Note that the host-range data summarized in these pages includes susceptibility data for experimental hosts as well as natural hosts. For detailed information on reported natural host ranges, see the individual virus species descriptions.

In some cases a generic name appears without a specific epithet. This indicates only that no epithet was supplied in the original reports. Such entries are not summaries of susceptibility data for the genus as a whole.

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Dallwitz (1980) and Dallwitz, Paine and Zurcher (1993) should also be cited.

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