Mycosystema 5: 23-64, 1992


Systematic Mycologh & Lichenology Laboratory, Institute of Microbiology, Academia Sinica, Beijing

ABSTRACT: More than 2000 samples, including soils, plant debris, animal dung and other substrates, were collected from 22 provinces in china during this study. About 220 strains of Mortierella species were isolated by use of the soil-plate method for soil samples and the direct method for other samples. In the classification of the genus, the tzxonomic scheme proposed by Gams (1970, 1977) was basically followed with some modifications. Haplosporangium is recognized as a separate genus. Twenty two species and three varieties, including one new species and one new variety (Mortierella wuyishanensis sp. nov. and M. hyalina (Harz) W. Gams var. subtillissima var. nov.) were identified. Fourteen taxa, i.e. Mortierella gemmifera M. Ellis, M. horticola Linnem., M. humilis Linnem., M. hyalina (Harz) W. Gams, M. indica B. S. Mehrotra, M. indohii C.Y. Chien, M. jenkinii (A.L. Sm.) Naumov, M. minutissima Tiegh. var. dubia Linnem., M. mutabilis Linnem., M. parvispora Linnem., M. ramanniana (A. Moller) Linnem. var. angulispora (Naumov) Linnem., M. reticulata Tiegh. & G. Le Monn., M. verrucosa Linnem. and M. verticillata Linnem. are new records for China. Some taxonomic problems and criteria for differentiating species and varieties within the genus are discussed. Keys to subenera, sections, species and varieties of Mortierella in China are given. Descriptions, line drawings, substrata and distributions in this country are provided for each taxon.