WEI jiang-chun ,JIANG yu-mei AND Guo Shou-yu
Systematic Mycology & Lichenology Laboratory Institute of Microbiology ,
Academia Sinica, Beijing 100080

ABSTRACT: A new species of the lichen- forming genus Umbilicaria from China, U.loboperipher- ica sp.nov.is described. The new species is characterized by numerous squamose lobu- les derived from the ascending cortex on the periphery of thallus, and a black lower su- rface with numerous and richly branched rhizines; it is confined to northern China. The vicarism of the new species is also discussed briefly and a key including closely related species is given in addition to a Latin diagnosis, English description with illustrations.

KEY WORDS: Umhilicaria; U.loboperipherica; new species