China Center for Virus Culture Collection(CCVCC)

China Center for Virus Culture Collection(CCVCC) was established in 1979 under the sponsorship of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and located in Wuhan institute of Virology.

CCVCC Staffs

CCVCC is the only institution in our country which engages in general virus's collection, preservation, classification, management and research. Now there are four viruses preservation and classification research groups subornate to CCVCC. The new five-story viruses storage building covers a total 3360 square meters. In addition, the building is equipped with laboratories, cold storage, greenhouse, instrument room and meeting room.

Through many years hard working, CCVCC has acquired greet achievement.
1. CCVCC has collected and preserved viruses more than 600 strains, including insect, plant, bacteria and animal viruses: particularly, over 200 insect viruses strains are unique.

2. CCVCC is establishing viruses data bank.

3. CCVCC has supplied a number of viruses strains and antiserum to experts of many countries.

4. CCVCC, cooperating with other culture collection centers, has published two culture catalogues.

5. Attending international academic meeting three times.

6. Identification and classification of piers rape is regarded as important discovery in virology, and frequently quoted by experts of many countries. This studying has passed the identification presided by Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.