The Chinese Society for Microbiology

Chinese Society for Microbiology(CSM) was founded in 1952, and now is a member society of China Association for Science and Technology and also a member society of International Union of Microbiological Societies(IUMS).


The objectives of CSM are to organize scientific meetings and symposia and to publish journals and monographs on microbiology and related disciplines.


CSM has nearly ten thousands of members, of which more than one tenth are regard as national members. There are also thirty branch societies at different provinces, cities and autonomous regions.

Standing Committee

President: Prof. Ji-lun LI Vice-President (in-charge): Prof. Ke-qiang MANG Prof. Da-kang SONG Prof. Yu-mei WEN Prof. Guan-fu ZHU Secretary-general: Associate Prof. Guang-sheng CHENG Deputy Secretaries-general: Prof. Qiang-wu GU Senior Engineer Yan-zhong CHEN

Sub-society and academic committees

Sub-society for Brewing Committee on industrial microbiology Committee on agricultural microbiology Committee on medical microbiology Committee on veterinary microbiology Committee on aetiology of zoonoses Committee on virology Committee on mycology Committee on molecular microbiology and biotechnology Committee on general microbiology Committee on enzyme engineering Committee on modelling and control of biotechnical processes Committee on biological microbiology Committee on analytical microbiology Committee on environmental microbiology Committee on interferon

The above sub-society and committees are the cardinal parts of the academic activities of CSM, and more than a dozen of symposia and conferences are conducted yearly. Lately, symposia and conferences on mycorhiza, medical mycology, single cell protein, agricultural virology, monoclonal antibody, autotrophic bacteria, Chlamydia, interferon, etc. have been organized.

Some of these conferences are bilateral with foreign societiws, such as China-Japan Bilateral Conference on Medical Microbiology, China-Japan Bilateral Conference on Enzyme Engineering and China-Japan International Congress of Mycology.