Open Laboratory of Molecular Virology and Biotechnology

Head: Prof.Po TIEN,


The lab is known throughout China and abroad for plant virology. The great contribution of the lab is that satellite RNA have been firstly and successfully applied in the control of plant diseases caused by viruses. Many achievements have also been obtained on the mechanism of satellite RNA for the control of plant diseases, transgenic resistance against plant viruses, genetic engineering of plant male sterile and antibody engineering. Recently, an encouraging progress has been made in the study of bioproducts and molecular evolution engineering.
The lab focuses on molecular virology and bio-engineering, which are hot areas on basic and applied researches of modern biology. The major projects on molecular virology covered the structure and function of plant virus, viroid, viral satellite, algea virus and some important human virus.
The main projects on molecular bio-technology are to produce bioproducts and biomedicines by using genetic engineering and latest techniques, such as constructing and modifying human antibody libraries, developing human antibodies against cancer and viral deseases and construction of specific ribozymes targing viroids and viruses.
The lab has developed an extensive academic exchange and cooperation with foreign countries and established a Joint Chinese-Israeli Research Project entitled Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus in China & Israel: Analysis of Genomes, Transmission and Genetic Engineering Approaches for Resistance and entered the International Program on Rice Biotechnology founded by Rockefeller Foundation. The lab has also developed several collaborations with Pharmaceutical Factories within China.¡£
Senior research fellows of the lab

Prof. Xiyun YAN selecting single colonies containing recombinant antibody gene

The secondary structure of a viral satellite RNA

Inhibition of CMV genomic RNAs replication by a satellite RNA

Satellite RNA bio-contron of CMV diseases in tomato, pepper and pumpkin