Introduction of "Chinese Journal of Biotechnology"

"Chinese Journal of Biotechnology" is sponsored by microbiology institute of Academia Sinica and Chinese Society for Microbiology. Edited by Editorial Boardof Chinese Journal of Biotechnology in Beijing. It is an internationally circulated scholorly journal of biotechnology, It is a comparatively new journal but has attained a reputation for publishing articles of high significance to the application of research findings in biotechnology.
Its the sibstance inclued: Gene-engineering, Enzemy-engineering, Cell-engineering and biochemical-engineering etc.

"Chinese Journal of Biotechnology"(in Chinese) publised by Science Press. If you are interested in this. Please contact with:

Edtorial Board of "Chinese Journal of Biotechnology"
Institute of Microbiology, The Chinese Academy of Sciences,
Zhongguangcun Haidian,Beijing 100080,

"Chinese Journal of Biotechnology"(in English) published and distributed by Allerton Press USA. Please contact with:

Allerton Press. Allerton Press INC. 150 Fifth Avenue,
New York, N Y 10011, USA.